Alice’s Story is Our Story


You have the power to change a person’s life just by making a donation.  Alice lived in her neighborhood longer than anyone else on her street. She is little, and has curly white hair, is old and feeble, unable to do much for herself. She lived in an ancient home. Her lawn was overrun with weeds. The siding on her house was rotting. 

Alice spent her days inside, stuck in a chair by the window. She watched neighbors mow their yards, and kids ride bikes up and down the street. She saw many things change over the years. But, things didn’t change much for Alice.

She had only one child; he died in Vietnam. Being Mom had been her life. She missed it. So, she turned herself into the neighborhood grandmother. Alice baked cookies and kept soda on hand for hot and thirsty bike riders or kids who wanted to hang out and talk. Those kids grew up and moved away. Over the years she became more and more isolated there in that house. She was lonely.

Days passed by without contact with a soul.  Alice had moved into her home as a young bride and never thought she would live anywhere else. Funny how time changes things. She needed someone to talk to. She needed to hear a human voice that wasn’t coming out of a speaker on a radio. She decided to do something about it. It was time.

So, Alice started looking for a way to make that happen. She didn’t have much money after her bills. She wasn’t sure she could afford to make a change.  There was a voice on the radio, telling her about a place called Renaissance Terrace, and what she heard gave her hope there might be a place she could go. She picked up the phone and made a call that turned things around for her.

Now Alice lives with 49 other people at Renaissance Terrace Assisted Living. She’s made a new life for herself. She has someone to say, “Good Morning” to and someone to ask how she slept. She doesn’t sit and stare out the windows because she is busy making new friends. Bingo has become an unexpected passion. She feels like she is a part of things again.

Money is still tight for Alice. But, because of the Bridge the Gap Fund that was set up to help people like her, she can afford to receive the care she needs.

Donations to the Bridge the Gap Fund from people just like you make that possible. No more lonely days for Alice. There is lots of hustle, bustle, and the right kind of noise.  The happy kind.

At Renaissance Terrace Assisted Living we meet people just like Alice every day.  People who have worked hard all their lives to take care of themselves and want to continue to do so.  Things cost more now than they had planned.  Renaissance Terrace is a non-profit with a mission to provide a place where those people can afford to live their lives with dignity.  

We Need Your Help 

Your donation can change the life of someone just like Alice. In spite of our low price point, and the benefit programs that we accept, many people must be turned away because they do not qualify for benefit program assistance, or fall short of the personal funds needed to provide for themselves.  This leaves them with no viable option for assisted living care. The Renaissance Terrace Assisted Living  “Bridge the Gap Fund” offers a subsidy to assist these people with funds to help meet that need.

The decisions you make every day are of infinite importance.  The smallest action you take today can have a lasting impact on the life of another person. Your donation will help a deserving person receive the assisted living care they need to live a fulfilling and healthier life.

Our stability results from the loyal dedication and contributions of the individuals, businesses and foundations who financially support our mission year after year.  Without the continued support of generous donors, these needs will likely go unmet. By making a tax-deductible donation, you will make a direct contribution to providing care to those who need it.

You will touch the lives of those who need and receive that care, people just like Alice. You will make a difference!

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