Renaissance Terrace Newsletters help to keep family and friends up to date on information and happenings that concern their loved ones.  Click the tab to choose the year, and then choose the edition of the newsletter you would like to read.


January 2019 –  Activities calendar                                       January 2019 –  Newsletter

February 2019- Activities calendar                                       February 2019Newsletter

April 2019       – Activities calendar                                       April 2019       –  Newsletter

May 2019         -Activities calendar                                        May 2019         – Newsletter


March 2018 –  march-2018-newsletter                Activities Calendar March 2018-  Activity calendars-march-2018


February 2017 newsletters-february-2017

March 2017      newsletter-march-2017

April 2017         newsletters-april-2017


October 2016   newsletter-oct-2016-

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