Renaissance Terrace Announcement  (Sharable PDF file)


Renaissance Terrace has served the Knoxville area for 13 years with high-quality, affordable care in a modern assisted living facility. As a nonprofit, the Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service (SCHAS) facility has been a less expensive option for seniors than other long-term care centers.

After careful and serious consideration, the SCHAS board reluctantly decided to close Renaissance Terrace Assisted Living, citing decisions by the TennCare CHOICES program that will force 45 seniors to leave the affordable care facility and likely resort to more expensive care elsewhere.

SCHAS will continue its long-standing program of home care to 2,000 seniors and disabled persons across East Tennessee but plans to sell the Renaissance Terrace building on North Broadway and move SCHAS’ offices.

Renaissance Terrace has experienced sharply increased costs for labor, supplies such as food for residents, and liability insurance mainly because of the pandemic and record inflation. Staffing numbers have dwindled despite recent pay increases. Renaissance Terrace has been losing approximately $30,000 a month, making the current financial situation unsustainable.

TennCare’s CHOICES program had been paying $1,100 per month for senior care, which is less than the monthly cost of serving a resident at Renaissance Terrace and considerably less than private assisted living facilities and typical nursing home care.

SCHAS and its board also have urged CHOICES officials to increase reimbursement rates.

After years of no increases, the state raised funding assistance to $1,305 per month, still less than the cost of care, but with stipulations about how the money could be spent. Facing a crisis, SCHAS requested more flexibility to put the new funding where it would be needed most. TennCare officials in charge of the CHOICES program have not addressed the concerns of SCHAS and other long-term care facilities in this matter.

As of this date, the TennCare CHOICES program still has not released the $137,500,000 in new funds to home and community-based services (HCBS), such as Renaissance Terrace, from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Renaissance Terrace residents and their families have been informed of the closing, and SCHAS will help residents identify other care options in the area. Employees have been informed and are being offered severance packages. The current job market thankfully offers many opportunities for employment.



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